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je_bigbang's Journal

JE Big Bang Fic Contest
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JE Big Bang Challenge

Welcome to the JE Big Bang Contest. This community was inspired in part by other big bang communities such as spn_j2_bigbang and big_bang_hd. The purpose of this contest is to create novella works of literature, art and trailer videos for the Johnny’s Entertainment fandom.

Writers will compose a minimum of 10,000 word novella, using the pairing of their choice from any member of Johnny's Entertainment and the drama characters they played. Pairings are not limited to RPS; you can also use any character from whatever drama that they were in. So if you want to do a Shuji/Akira fic, or a Kurosaki/Tsurara fic, they’re allowed. (Yes, I did notice they were both Yamapi dramas >D)

Once first drafts of novellas are received, a list will be generated and then artists/graphic artists/video makers will be allowed to pick one prompt, first come first serve. More prompts will be given if there is a need. They will then have one month to create and send in their art/graphics/fanvid. Final entries for all must be received by October 22nd. All entries will be posted on the JE Big Bang website, link will be posted here soon.

All entrants who finish will receive a banner image representing their work and that they completed the Big Bang Challenge.

Challenge Info, Rules & Sign-up for Novella
Challenge Info, Rules & Sign-up for Art/Graphics/Fanvid


April 5th – Registration opens.
May 5th – Deadline to sign up for Novella.
October 5th – First draft for Novella must be turned in.
October 1st - Deadline to sign up for Art/Graphic/Fanvid.
October 12th - Prompt list for Art/Graphic/Fanvid participants is posted.
November 12th - Final draft for Novella and Art/Graphic/Fanvid prompts must be turned in.
November 15th – Website with all submissions is posted; all entrants can post their work on their own livejournals, blogs or websites at this time.