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JE Big Bang Fic Contest
6th-Jul-2007 04:06 pm
DJ Yamapi
These are the common questions I expect will be asked. If your question isn't on here, feel free to drop a comment with your question and we'll get back to you on it asap!

1. Can I write a story as well as make art?
Yes you can.

2. If I finish it, can I submit a WIP I've been posting in my journal?
No. You can submit a WIP, but it cannot have been posted anywhere on your journal.

3. Can I submit a sequel to a story I've already posted?
Yes. Only if the sequel does not require the reading of the previous fiction, and it meets all other requirements.

4. Are cross-overs allowed?
Yes, so long as it remains in the JE Fandom.

5. Are other pairings allowed for narrative purposes?

6. Can an artist and a vidder share a prompt?
Yes. It would be great if every story had art and a vid!

8. Can writers collaborate on a story?
Yes. As long as it meets the story requirements, no problem.

9. Can the story be an AU?

10. Can an artist or vidder choose another prompt if they finish their first one?
Yes. But we do want every story to have at least one piece of art or a vid, so unclaimed prompts would need to come first.

12. Is there a word limit for the first draft?
Yes. The story must be a true first draft of at least 20,000 words. This is to ensure that the artists aren't making art for a story that won't be completed by the deadline.

13. Can an author turn in more than one story?
Yes. However, as far as the art aspect, to make sure each author is paired with an artist a first story will take precedence over a second story if it gets close.

14. Is there a size limit on art?
No. As long as it's postable, you're good.

15. Are Juniors allowed to be in the story?
Yes, but they cannot be the main focus of the story, unless they are from one of these groups: Ikuta Toma, ABC, Ya Ya Ya, Kis-my-ft2, and Kitty. Only debuted group members are allowed. However, if you want to pair a debuted member with a junior, that's fine.
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