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6th-Jul-2007 03:54 pm
DJ Yamapi
Challenge Rules for Artists and Video Makers

1. You agree to create at least one piece of art, graphic or video to accompany one of the big bang stories.
2. Art can be of any type you wish: original illustration, cover art, photo manip, etc.
3. Art or Video can be of any rating you choose.
4. You will be able to post your artwork or video at your livejournal or site. If you'd rather, we will host your art at a photobucket account, depending on the size. If it's too large for photobucket, we will host it on the challenge website.
5. Art and videos cannot be posted anywhere on the web prior to the posting date of November 12th.

Important Deadlines

You must sign up to participate by October 1st.

On October 12th a list of story titles and summaries will be posted for you to claim as prompts on a first come, first served basis. Once you have claimed a prompt, you will be given the author's name and you will be able to review the story draft for additional inspiration.

The due date for completed artwork/videos is November 12th. You must provide us with either a live link to the art or video, or the art file itself in a photobucket compatible format.

Links to your art will be posted publicly with the accompanying stories on November 15th.

To Sign Up

Please comment below with the following information:

LJ username:
Artist/Video Maker name:
Email where we can reach you:
We're not going to hold you to these next few, but please tell us:
If you will you be creating art or a video?
If you would be willing to create art/video for a slash story? A gen story? A het story?
If you would rather do art/video for a specific JE group?

Thanks so much for participating!